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Downloading XParam

XParam is a freely available software library. You can download its most up-to-date release by clicking on one of the "Download" buttons on the bottom of the page.

The first download file is a tar-gnu-zip that includes the library code, usage examples and XParam's full documentation. For information regarding how to install XParam on your computer, see XParam's User's Guide.

The second download file is the RPM of the latest XParam version.

The third download file is XParam's development RPM, which you will need if you want to write programs that use XParam.

The last download is a file containing XParam's documentation in many formats not available directly with XParam's sources, such as PDF and PostScript.

XParam's most recent version was released on the 3rd of June 2003.

Download the XParam sources:

Download the XParam RPM:

Download the XParam-devel RPM:

Download a tar of XParam's enhanced documentation:

Other download formats are available from our SourceForge homepage.

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