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It was our intent to make XParam available for anyone who wants to make use of it. To achieve this, we have opted for a license analogous to the one used by GNU's Guile. This license is the GPL, but contains a special exemption, to the effect that programs are not considered derivative works of XParam simply because they were linked with XParam.

In effect, what this means is that you can use XParam in all your programs, whether they are free or non-free, whether you charge for their use or not. However, if you change XParam or improve it in any way, then the license binds you as if it were the standard GPL: you must make your modification freely available, and document that it differs from the original XParam.

If you intend to make improvements on XParam, see the Help XParam section on how you can give your improved version to us, so that we can make it publicly available.

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